Mediation Services

What mediation IS:

  • A voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third party (mediator) helps the parties discuss matters and reach agreements. 
  • The focus in mediation is on reaching integrative solutions to problems. 
  • The parties, not the mediator, decide outcome.
  • Parties are free to consult with an attorney(s) at any time during the mediation process

What mediation is NOT:

  • A substitution for legal advice
  • Therapy or counseling

How successful is mediation? 
Approximately 80% of mediated matters reach agreement.

How to determine if you are ready for mediation:

  • All parties must agree to participate.
  • Parties may be at different points emotionally – each may be moving through the grief and separation process on different timelines.

Typical issues determined in mediation:

  • Parenting (time, decision making, communication, financial support)
  • Property   (marital and non-marital assets, division of property)
  • Payments

How long does mediation take? 
The number of meetings depends upon the complexity and number of issues. On average, two to four meetings take place.

How much does mediation cost? 
Fees are charged on a hourly basis for meetings and document review and preparation. The mediator will discuss the fees with you prior to your first meeting.

What happens when an agreement is reached? 
The mediator will draft a Memorandum of Settlement Agreement outlining the agreements reached. The Memorandum may be given to the attorney(s) to review and reference in preparing the Court documents to finalize the dissolution of marriage. With the parties' consent, the mediator may communicate with the attorney(s) at any time during or after the mediation.