Divorce Consultation

43% of first marriages and over 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Divorce is not an event but rather a process that typically takes one to three years.  If there are children, the issue of "co-parenting" must be addressed.  Co-parenting is an unnatural state and presents as an adjustment for both parents and children. Decisions should focus on the best interests of the children but that is easier said than done with the level of emotional volatility in many divorce cases.

Typical issues to address in divorce consultation are:

  • Assistance with the decision on whether to divorce
  • Adjustment  issues of parents and children
  • How the parties may be on different time lines emotionally with respect to wanting/not wanting the divorce
  • How to tell the children about divorce
  • How to keep children out of the disputes and not use them as messengers
  • Appropriate boundaries
  • Issues involving the introduction of new partners
  • Financial implications

As skilled therapists, mediators, and custody evaluators, the professionals atTransitions are experienced in dealing with the legal and emotional aspects of divorce.